Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Milani Lip Mixer

I was browsing around CVS waiting for a prescription to finish getting filled. I really didnt plan on buying anything but I saw such pretty lip glosses on the Milani display. I already own a few lip glosses from Milani and I love them, but this one was something totally different. It is called Milani Lip Mixer (color, shine & shimmer lip gloss). There were a total of 6 shades, but I only picked up 1. The one that I bought is called Lip Mingle 701. It has 3 layers of colors, stacked on top of one another. The top layer is like a frosty toasty pink, the middle layer is a glittery nude, and the bottom layer is a toasty brown, bronze shade with a heavy dose of golden shimmer.

The formula feels more like a lip cream rather than a lip gloss but has a glossy frosty finish. The one that I bought has a little bit of pigmentation, so the gloss can be worn alone or on top of your favorite lipstick. The texture is not tacky and feels creamy on your lips (there is nothing worse then a tacky gloss... YUCK). The glosses have a slightly fruity grape taste which, in my opinion, is quite pleasant. Each gloss is $5.49 and of course can be cheaper if there is a sale.

Before (no gloss)

After (with the Milani Lip Mixer on)


  1. The gloss looks great on you! You had me sold on the product until I read the grape flavor part. I don't like fruit flavored anything! :(

  2. Well I am glad that I mentioned it then. I have sooo many glosses that I hate the taste, so they are just sitting in my makeup drawer.