Saturday, July 2, 2011

Crown Brush (Brushes)

I already own a few Crown Brushes and I love the ones that I have. was having a sale on their brushes a few weeks back. I jumped right on it and bought 4 brushes. They are so amazing. The brushes I purchased are IB126, C428, C429, and IB109.

IB126 is an Italian Badger Chisel Blush brush. The bristles are fluffy and dense. I did notice after the first wash it lost it's shape and widened a little... but nothing to bad. I have used this brush for 2 things... applying blush and applying setting powder. It works great for both.

The C428 is a Deluxe Duo Fiber Shadow brush and the C429 is a Delux Duo Crease brush. I loved these brush the moment I got them. I love them so much I will be purchasing more from as soon as I have enough money to order from them. (There is a minimum when you order.) If you are a fan of blending these brushes are for you. They not only blend out amazingly, they also are the best for loose shadows or pigments. They are by far my most used shadow blending brushes now.

IB109 is an Italian Badger Chisel Fluff brush. I love this brush for shading the entire lid. It isn't very dense so it is wonderful for applying highly pigmented colors. I also use it to blend and it does a great job! I love the length of the handle and how soft the bristles are.

Overall, they all wash well... have minimal shedding and are perfect for blending and creating more natural looks. They are fully synthetic. Great wet and dry they all are must haves in my collection, and with the prices they totally are worth the money. I have been using my new ones for about 2 weeks and they still wash great and feel amazing. I love them!

Left to Right: IB126, C428, C429, IB109

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  1. I've seen quite a few good reviews on Crown brushes, I need to try them! I'm a new follower from Beautylish x