Thursday, June 2, 2011

Birthday Gift

I got the best birthday gift for my... UGH, 30th birthday. I really hate even writing that number. So lets go with, my 29th and 12 month birthday. hehe! I wanted to share this gift my readers because this has been my dream right hand ring for 3 years. I am so crazy that I used to go "visit" it at Macys (and all the other stores that had it), just to see how pretty it was and try it on. I knew that one day I would buy it... but it was just WAY to much for me just to fork over the money for a right hand ring. Well, I finally got it (and even better, it was given as a gift)!!! This ring is made by LeVian. They have the most gorgeous collections. If you have never seen any of their stuff, you must check it out. But be warned... you will fall in love and it will be a new obsession.
The ring that I am now the official owner of is rose gold (but LeVian calls it strawberry gold... so cute), the center stone is Cotton Candy Amethyst surrounded by diamonds, side stones are Pink Sapphires, and there are more small diamonds in the front and back of the band. I hope that I described that so you understand.

Below I have posted my ring along with detailed pictures. I am so glad that I got the ring when I did because it is newly discontinued. This was my LAST chance to get this ring. And whats even better is that my parents got it for a steal. I know that they got it for more then 60% off the original price, but I dont know the exact price. Doesnt matter... I am wearing the most beautiful right hand ring EVER. Maybe turning, UGH, 29 and 12 months wont be that bad after all. So far I love it. Have a great day beauties. I know I will try, it's my Birf-day! xo


  1. Happy Birthday!!! What a gorgeous ring!! You are beautiful, age is only a number and you're only as old as you feel! So don't let 30 get ya down! ;)

  2. Happy Birthday! I've tried that rign on and LOVE it! I'm the same way, won't spend that much on myself LOL!!

  3. wow! Happy Birthday!! :)

    Your present looks gorgeous! I do marketing for a jewelry designer who works extensively with colored precious/semi-precious stones so seeing people branch out into the non-diamond range is always exciting for me!!

    Btw, a little "insider" knowledge- the "cotton candy amethyst" is technically known as the Rose Of France stone. Romantic, right? :P