Sunday, April 3, 2011

1st Post

Well I have finally decided to make a blog. I am huge fan of makeup, skincare, yummy smelling lotions/cleansers/perfumes etc. Basically anything that has to do with beauty. haha.  I dont know if there is anyone out there that will actually read this but I figured I would write this and if there is atleast 10 people that do, then GREAT!!!

Not to bore you... but to get this out of the way, here is my background:
I am currently a full-time student at my local county college. I have started to apply for Nursing Programs for next year. I am 29 years old... turning the dreaded BIG 3-0 in a few months. I unfortunately dont have job. I lost mine a while back when I was sick. I had thyroid cancer.  But the great news is, I am ALL BETTER NOW. I am getting my life back together now. That is why I am in school for Nursing. I did go to school when I was younger for skin care (I am licensed as an esthetician), but that job does not pay much around here. That is how the love for makeup came about. So here I am!!!!

I dont really know where to start with this, so I am just going to start with the fact that I am totally psyched with that I am going to IMATS in New York next weekend. I am hoping to get some really great things for a great price. I am going to share EVERYTHING that I buy. I am sure that I wont have any readers by then. But hopefully by the time I post my IMATS blog (or after) I will have some (fingers crossed for 1 or 2). I am not sure if I will be doing a video or not. I have a flip video... I should bring it. I dont have an actual video camera for doing a HAUL video, but my laptop has video. I guess I can record what I bought. What do you think? Leave a comment.

Sorry for all the rambling. This blog is going to be about makeup, and what my opinions are about that product. I will be posting alot next week. I just wanted to introduce myself prior to IMATS. So.. HELLO. My name is Rachael, I am from New Jersey (South Jersey). I hope that this blog does turn into something someday. xoxo!!


  1. Congratulations on your first post. Don't worry you will have success over time. Don't stop and get discouraged though. We are around the same age and I am so glad that you are doing much better. Sorry for writing too much. Welcome to the blogspot.

  2. Thanks checking out my blog. And you did not write to much! This is very exciting for me. I am about to go check out your blog. Much success to you as well!!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my site. I did follow and will do the same on beautylish and twitter. I have a giveaway coming up soon.