Sunday, April 3, 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette

I know that I am extremely late posting this. But since this is my 1st day doing this blog... I dont care. haha. This is my FAVORITE makeup. I wear this makeup everyday. Every skin-tone can wear this palette and it was worth every penny I spent on it (Which I think was around $45, if Im not mistaken). I was one of the lucky ones. I got this when it came out (I think it was the summer of 2010) . I know that some people waited and didnt get it. And then it was sold out everywhere. Who would have know that I would have picked up such a hot commodity. If I knew that... I would have bought 2 and made some $$$$. HAHA.

ANYWHOOO... back to me review. I am a huge fan of neutral colors. Yes, I do like to have fun and wear brights on occasion; but neutral is more me. This is what this amazing palette contains:

Virgin: pale, shimmery nude
Sin: Champagne with a pinky frosty feel
Naked: matte, brown beige
Sidecar: shimmered bronze
Buck: darker matte (darker version of naked)
Half Baked: copper bronze
Smog: medium bronze with a sheen
Darkhorse: deep dark brown, chocolate
Toasted: pink brown with shimmer
Hustle: purple chocolate with shimmer
Creep: blackened blue with silver shimmer
Gunmetal: bluish gray metallic

The pencil that originally came with palette was double sided. The one side is:
Zero: Jet black
Whiskey: Brown with red undertones. (so beautiful)

Instead of the double sided pencil, the palette now comes with a makeup brush. I heard it was because of slow production (but this could all be rumors). The brush is called the Good Karma Shadow Brush. I have no experience with Urban Decay brushes so I dont know if that is good or not. But I have heard that brought the price of the palette up a few dollars.

The palette also comes with Urban Decay Shadow Primer Potion. This is one of my favorite primers. I have nothing bad to say about this primer. It is travel size, so I have it tucked away in my travel makeup bag.

The colors I wear the most are Virgin, Sin, Naked, Buck, Smog, and Sidecar. I also wear the 2 eyeliners everyday. If I am going out at night and want to spruce up what I already have on then I just darken my look up with Hustle and Creep... and sometimes Gunmetal. There are so many looks that you can do with this palette. That is why I love it so much. I get so many compliments on how pretty my makeup looks. I always try to make it look a little different. It is possible with this palette... that is why I love it!!! If you have a the money and want to buy something new, I would say buy this. This was my first time (last summer) buying Urban Decay. Their shadows are pigmented, and beautiful. Also... I havent had to buy any new neutral colors. These were full size shadows. Worth every penny!!!

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