Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Twist & Pout

This was the cutest lip moisturizer I had ever seen, and could not resist... I had to purchase it. This was on a while back and I thought that it was the cutest lip moisturizer I had ever seen. (Side Note: Im doing this post now because Twist & Pout is going to be on again on Friday April 22nd.) Plus it's a total bonus that it has a clip that you can clip anywhere. I bought mine for $8.00, but I think that they normally sell for $12.00 and up.

When I finally received it in the mail, I put it on my keys right away. (It's the worst when you are out and dont have any lip balm and you need it!!! haha) Not only is this little handy-dandy lip moisturizer cute, but it does moisturize very well, and it has a good citrus taste (which I like). When you visit the actual website for Twist & Pout ( you can see all the different collections that they have. One is cuter then the next. I will definitely be purchasing more of these sooner then later. Just like it says on their website... "Take a dip into each of the collections to see which T&P speaks to you and let your inner trend setter shine!"

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