Sunday, April 3, 2011

LUSH Products

I have known about LUSH soaps for a long time but there hasnt been a LUSH store local to me (on this side of the bridge), so I haven't tried any of there products. Finally a LUSH store opened at a mall 20 minutes from my house. I found the time to go the other day. Now the reason I havent ordered anything online from is because I am not a huge bath person. I just have an average bath (one that you would probably wash a child in). It is not one that I would just take a bath in. I prefer showers. Now if I had an over-sized tub, that would be a different story.

In my opinion LUSH is the kind of store for bath people. Yes, they have other things... but I was totally jealous that I didn't have an over-sized tub. I ended just buying "Honey I Washed the Kids" ($7.95 for 3.5 oz.) I loved the way they cut it and wrapped it like it deli. Too cute!!! This soap smells like honey and toffee. It smells so good you can almost take a bite out of it. The sales girl that helped me told me that the smell will last on my skin for most of the day. I dont know if it was just my skin (or if this is everyone) but it lasted approx. 20 minutes (if that long) after my shower and then it was gone. That was a real bummer. I really love this smell. I think that LUSH should make a body lotion in this scent, especially because they say that this is their *best seller*. Now my new obsession is to find a lotion or scent that smells like this. I would love to smell like this all day. haha. Anyway... the soap did what it was supposed to do. It cleansed my skin. I do think that LUSH is a tad on the expensive side. I will go back to LUSH to check out their products in the coming months. (Right now I have been saving most of my money for IMATS).

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