Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eye Cream for Fine Lines (FACEPLACE)

I had been looking for an inexpensive eye cream that would work a miracle on my aging eyes. Yes, I know that I am ONLY 29, going on UGH... 30, but my eyes sometimes look older. Now, some people would say that I am nuts, but I do have tiny lines under my eyes. They had started to become very noticeable when I would put my makeup on in the morning (and then 10 minutes later, my concealer would be right in those fine lines). I know from going to school for skin care that it is all genetics, and ohhh and from the sun. There is nothing that can correct this little problem of mine (besides injections or surgery). I know that part of my "problem" is dehydration and lack of sleep.

After a few weeks of research and trying out one type of cream (which I didnt like too much) I received an email from a company that I WON a FREE Jar of Eye Cream. I knew that I wrote on the wall of a company that was offering this promotion, but I never would have thought that I would have won. BUT I DID!!! I never win anything. If I have any luck at all, it is normally bad luck. The email was asking for my home address so they could mail me a jar of their Ultimate Eye Repair Cream from a company called FACEPLACE. I was psyched (to say the least). I didnt hold my breath, just in case it got lost in the mail?!? Lo and behold... a week later, it was at my house.

That night when I washed my makeup off, I started using this cream. With small circular motions, I dabbed a small amount of this cream around my eyes. My eyes were loving it. The next morning, I did the exact same thing. When I went to put my makeup on, I saw a huge difference ALREADY. My makeup did not go into my tiny lines. I was ecstatic. I still have the tiny lines, obviously... but my makeup goes on so much smoother. I do notice now (3 weeks into using the cream) that the cream is taking much longer to settle into my skin. Which is OK by me. My skin must have been extremely dehydrated originally.

I have started to look at what other products has to offer. Their eye cream is great and affordable. I went on the website the other day just to see how much they were charging for the jar that they sent me which is .5 fl oz. They charge $40. This jar will last anyone a very long time. I am starting to look into their suncare items for this summer. I would recommend the Ultimate Eye Repair... it is a great product.


  1. Cool! I think you and I have some genetically related eye issues :-) I'm working my way thru a massive stash of accumulated freebies, so I've sworn myself NOT to buy anything until I've cleared some space in my vanity...

    But I will definitely keep this in mind for the future...

    PS - LOVE your blog!!