Tuesday, April 19, 2011

e.l.f. Eye Transformer

In the palette you get 4 shades of the transformer ($3.00). They look very, very pale and milky. From left to right is green, yellow, pink, and blue. If you swipe them with your finger, you'll see the milkiness vanish and just the shimmer will appear.

These really don't work on their own, unless you are using it in the corners of your eye (tear duct area) for highlighting. There's absolutely no point in applying these on your lids as regular eye shadows. You'll just see the barest hint of colored shimmer and nothing else. These work at their best over black liner, or black eyeshadow (something that is on the darker side).

When you apply these over black liner, black cream eye shadow, or a black powder eyeshadow these "transform" into the most amazing jewel colored shimmer... and much brighter.

I originally bought this as a highlighter and to go over lighter shadows to give them a new "look". So needless to say, this was not what I expected from this. I do think that it works great over dark shadows, but that is all that I would ever say that it really is good for. Even though it is an inexpensive product... I was still bummed.

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