Monday, April 18, 2011

Smashbox Photo Op

Smashbox make up artists have apparently raved about this... saying that it's a photoshoot staple, and that it almost eliminates the need for concealer. Sadly, my friends, Photo Op was a total bust. If this eliminates the need for concealer for you, then you probably didn't need much concealing in the first place.

This slightly shimmery apricot-tinged liquid is far too thin and non-pigmented to do any good. What it does do, is add a slight gleam or reflectiveness to the under-eye area, but it doesn't really aid in the concealing. Because it does have a slight gleam I have used it as a highlighter at times. This product was not cheap ($18.00 for 0.24 oz.) so I am going to use it until its gone. I dont think that this is a product that I would necessarily recommend as a concealer, but if you are looking for something to add some gleam to your under-eye area... then maybe this is a good product.

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