Sunday, April 10, 2011

Feather Hair Extensions

I am loving my new feather hair extensions. I ordered my first bundle from Plumeuphoria on Etsy. Here is her site. OK... with her site you are able to customize what color feathers, each individual color, (and she sends the microlinks with a plastic tool to install) you would like... which is why I picked her out all the companies and sites on Etsy. I received my order within 4 days which was great because I wanted to have them in, in time for IMATS NY on Saturday April 9th. Now the only problem was I had a little bit of a hard time putting them in. I actually thought that I was going to since I am not great with hair stuff. I cant even braid the back of my hair. haha!!! So I decided to go to a salon and have them do it for me. They gave me such a great deal that I ended up buying more from the salon. (I couldnt resist... I am loving feathers these days, hehe!!) I now have 3 bundles (which consists of 5 feathers in each bundle) on the left side of my head. I am loving it soooo much I want more. I thought that I was going to want the neutral look and I was wrong. I want to be BOLD. I want hot pink and blue. Since I spent a good penny this weekend in NYC I am going to hold off a bit on buying more feathers, but once I have some more $$$, I am going to invest in more bold colors. Here is a picture of what I have. Now dont mind my hair. It is stringy because I didnt blow it dry last night but I want you to see how cool they look. I hope you love this look as much as I do!


  1. The feathers are fun huh? I started following you from beautylish. Cute blog!!

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  3. @Jennie... Thanks so much for checking out my blog. I am glad that you are enjoying it. I will be doing another posting (soon) about feather hair extensions. Keep your eye out for it.

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  5. @neha... Thanks for finding my blog and taking time to read some of my posts. I love feather hair extensions. I am actually going to be making some and I will put up a post about my DIY feather hair extensions. It is alot of work (with having to color and bond them) but I am very excited about it. I hope to have the time to start it later this week or this weekend. Thanks again for finding me!

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